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The Computer Repair Services You Need

There are any number of reasons you may decide to bring in your computer or device. Your laptop or PC may be running slower than a Commodore 64. Your computer may have decided to eat that project you've been working on for months now and you need to recover it. Perhaps your computer will no longer even power up. Maybe you don't need a repair so much as you want your system customized. We can help with that. We even build custom gaming systems.

At Computer Shack, we provide you with more than the computer repair services you need in Bonney Lake, Washington. We give quality service that will make you one of our satisfied customers. That's why all of our services include free dust removal from your computer or laptop. Some of the other great services we provide include the following:

Recycling - Free!

When you're ready to replace that old piece of technology with a new one, let us recycle your electronics for you. Electronics contain a number of hazardous substances. Even small amounts of these toxins can be dangerous, so protect the planet by e-cycling. The only things we don't accept are CRT monitors, printers, and TVs. So bring in any of the following and more:

• Cell Phones
• Cords
• CPUs
• Desktops
• Gaming and Regular Mice
• Hard Drives
• Keyboards
• Laptops
• Memory Upgrades
• Misc. Computer Parts
• Mother Boards
• Networking Equipment
• Power Supplies
• Tablets
• Video Cards

Diagnostic - $39.99

With this service, we run extensive hardware diagnostics on all critical components. If all pass, we go into the computer's software, find, and verify what is causing the issue. At this point, we call you and let you know what we found and how much it will cost to fix the problem. If you decide to have us repair your computer, we waive the $39 diagnostic fee. This is for computers that POST.

Data Transfer - $79 - $99

We can transfer all your pictures, documents, music, etc. from one computer to another. Depending on the situation, we may or may not be able to transfer all your programs as well. This service is perfect if you just bought a new computer and want everything to be moved over from your old one.

Laptop Hourly Rate - $89

This is how much we charge per hour if we are doing something such as replacing a faulty DC Jack or fixing a broken laptop screen. This rate does not apply to any of the above services.

Satisfied Customer

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Tune-Up - $119

First, we blow out all dust and debris from your computer and check for faulty capacitors and any damage to critical components. Next we run extensive hardware diagnostics on the hard drive, RAM, motherboard, and CPU. If all hardware passes diagnostics, we begin searching for and removing adware, junk ware, and junk files on the computer. We then proceed to repair broken registry files, clean up broken shortcuts, and resolve browser and performance issues. Finally, we defragment and optimize the hard drive, then verify the system's functionality. In the end you get a faster, safer, and more efficient computer.

Tune-Up with Malware Removal - $149

Trust our tune-up services and have us remove any malware and spyware. You'll get all the benefits of the tune-up in addition to a more secure computer.

Virus Removal - $169

This service is for systems that are badly infected with malicious viruses (i.e. Trojans, rootkits, etc.) We locate and remove all traces of the viruses and malware and perform our full tune-up service as well, at no extra cost!

Back-Up/Wipe/Reload - $149

For this service, we back-up all of your data onto one of our external back-up drives. We then proceed to wipe the hard-drive clean, restoring it to its factory state. After this, we re-install the operating system and restore your data to your computer. We perform all important updates and optimizations. This option fixes all software issues on the computer. We are not able to transfer your programs, only your files (pictures, documents, music, etc.)

Mac Repairs

While all our prices and descriptions refer to PCs, we do provide these services to Macs as well. However, please be aware that service for a Mac will be at a slightly higher price.